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What is happening in New York City - Happens in New York City this Weekend

What happen in New York never ends, what happens in New York City this weekend can have interminable responses. Truly finding out what is happening in New York City is a challenge. New York City is legendary for renovating its look instantaneously, like a speedy transformation performer, so what's crowded today or prevalent this week may be out-of-date by the time interested visitors get there. It's unmanageable to appreciate the whole enchilada of what is happening in New York City, since in this never-ending city  at every minute some new is going on, but nevertheless of its continuing supremacy, focus in an organized supernumerary by try to immerse in the absolute quantity of museums, restaurants, events, exhibitions or culture in general. Follow the residents of New York City to know what happen in New York by doing what the persons here do, and you'll be performing comparable to a exhausted New Yorker in no time. Ask what happens in New York City this weekend to a resident or friends, you could be surprised.

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Ai Fiori - 400 5th. Avenue - (212) 613-8660
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Ai Fiore Restaurant
Pastas and risottos are the stars to pick from at Ai Fiori menu, very alike to the best restaurant in Venice of similar name: “Da Fiore”. Their celebrated veal-stuffed agnolotti is re-presented here outfitted with black truffles and overpowered in a considerably sweet butternut-squash mash. The escargot risotto is sprinkled with moist garlic sautés and speechless with parsley. The best exceptional pasta is the abundant squid-ink pasta mixed with shellfish. Expert originality is reflected in the ricotta-stuffed tortellini, each placed out on the dish above a sauce of softly cheese.


Mandarin Oriental - 80 Columbus Circle @ 60th. Street - (212) 805-8800
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Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental is a hotel with Asian style service in New York. But its hollow lobby in the 35th. Floor of the Time Warner Center transpires liveliness with intense sights directly above Columbus Circle and Central Park. Luxurious beds, marble bathrooms demonstrate the Mandarin's pledge to surplus .Suites are truly what set this hotel as the most exceptional in New York by generating adequate space to make the hotel's inclined to Asian’s design certainly astonish. With panoramic Hudson River views, the swimming pool is one of the NYC’s hotels finest in a hotel.

Rodolfo Valentin Salon - 696 Madison Avenue @ 62nd. Street - (212) 230-1397
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Rodolfo Valentin Salon
Celebrities, socialites plus royalty are the habitués of this top rated salon named of the world’s best salon. Rodolfo Valentin is a celebrated hair stylist notoriously expert in hair color for which was recently awarded with the top hair colorists’ honor, also creator of the world’s best hair extensions that merited the best hair extension salons award, plus designer of the first cancer wigs for cancer patients. "World's Best Salon"


The Park - 118 10th. Avenue @ 18th. Street - (212) 352-3313
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The Park

The Park is one of the best bars in USA that during the day is a restaurant turning into an over-the-top club at night on the weekends. The scene at the Park counts with one of New York City’s most spacious plus widespread alfresco patios. The ambiance picks up after dark, not only because celebrities start to arrive but especially on the roof, where parties take over.  The time to arrive is after 12 am. 

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